By operating as the main network for Early Music professionals in Europe, REMA has gathered a considerable amount of information and resources and is aiming to make it available to the whole field.

Our project REMAMEDIA is destined to become a web platform with resources for the whole early music sector.

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The Early Music Podcast:

Talks with performers and inspiring specialists to benefit from the experience of the best, and bring a new perspective to your professional practices and goals

Season 2:
Supporting the REMAin Connected sessions organized throughout 2021, each episode focuses on the topic on the agenda: audience development, culture and tourism, the translation of research into stage performances … In each episode, the guest speaker is provided with the space to go further into detail, or branch out to look at the broader picture.
Click here to read the summary of each episode:
Versailles, 300 years of live performance, 8 million visitors >
A Joyful path: transition and live performance >

Season 1:
In connection with the programming of the European Early Music Summit (20 to 22 November 2020), the episodes examine the practices and the future of the early music sector, with professionals from all sides: ensembles, concert halls, festivals, but also conservatories, researchers, labels, media… Listen to your favourite artists sharing their experiences, discover inspiring projects and immerse yourself in the lives of the people that make Early Music in Europe!

Agathe Créac'h, Podcasts coordinator, can be contacted at


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    awards s FOCUS ON


    An annual award for outstanding artists and projects that contributed significantly to the early music movement.

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    21 march s FOCUS ON

    21 MARCH -

    Taking place annually on 21 March.

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    remaradio s FOCUS ON


    A series of podcasts with ressources for the early music sector.

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    showcase s FOCUS ON


    Showcase for young European artists which takes place every two years.

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    survey s FOCUS ON


    REMA publish regularly surveys. This can be surveys on key figures, on audiences...

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