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Dec 04, 2018


IYAP the International Young Artist Presentation 2018.

This summer 30 young musicians gathered in Antwerp for IYAP, the International Young Artist Presentation 2018.After 3 days of intensive and inspired coaching by Raquel Andueza and Peter Van Heyghen, they introduced themselves to the enthusiastic audience in 4 concert walks.

The International Young Artist’s Presentation (IYAP) is eager to advance the international career of young ensembles, both vocal and instrumental, with a focus on historically informed performance. The repertoire that qualifies for execution extends to 1920.

For three days the ensembles are tutored and coached by outstanding artist(s) of international renown. The coaching will single out for special consideration the particular story that the musicians feel compelled to tell, the structure of their programme, the interaction they engage in with the public.

On the following two days the selected ensembles present themselves at venues all over Antwerp to the festival audience as well as to a committee consisting of internationally recognized exponents of the early music scene (including concert organizers and representatives of record companies and radio stations). Those experts will nurture the ensembles with extra feedback. The coaching and the concerts are free of charge for the participating ensembles. Thus the International Young Artist’s Presentation aims at stimulating young musicians, while concurrently raising their visibility on the international music scene. Afterwards these ensembles will continue to be sustained by promotion.