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Feb 25, 2018

Wunderkammer at the Conservatory of Music of Trieste to celebrate EDEM with Claudia Caffagni and Paola Erdas.

At the end of a week of concerts, conferences and films, Claudia Caffagni (voice, lute and psaltery) and Paola Erdas (clavisymbalum, psaltery) will present their new concert "Giovanna D'Arco and the Tree of Life" for a Stanza della Musica of RAI Radio3Suite. The Pucelle's tree dominates the scene and serves as the screen for the projection of fragments of 1928 Dreyer's film La Passion de Jeanne d' Arc. The anxieties and hopes that animate the Pucelle flow through its leaves, enhanced by the music as much as the music is exalted by the images.

Light designer Carlo Villa, paper engineer Annalisa Metus

Music by: Binchois, Dufay, French anonymous from the Codex Reina.