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Nov 20, 2017

Two new discs on Ambronay’s label!

As we approach the end of 2017, two new records are available on Ambronay’s label!

The impetuous duo Repicco, a discovery of the eeemerging programme, evokes the tragic destinies of composers who where murderers or murder victims. Plunge into the seething atmosphere of Baroque Italy to meet Stradella, Pandolfi Mealli and Albertini…

Assassini, assassinati – Repicco – AMY308

True to the spirit of the Suites de symphonies for organ and orchestra that Balbastre is thought to have concocted in 1768 from famous pieces by Rameau, Les Surprises and Yves Rechsteiner have made a conjectural recreation of these lost scores. Tambourins, rigaudons and musettes by the master of French opera take on new concertante colors in this programme.

L’Héritage de Rameau, Les Surprises et Yves Rechsteiner – AMY050