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Nov 20, 2017

Monteverdi’s Contrafacta at Santa Barbara in Mantova

In the 10 December, h. 6 p.m., at Santa Barbara’s Basilica palatina in Mantova, the Collegium vocale et instrumentale «Nova Ars Cantandi» (, conducted by Giovanni Acciai and the «Accademia Musica Antica Milano» (, presents in concert the CD Deutsche Grammophon-Archiv Produktion (4815086) concerning the first world première recording of Claudio Monteverdi, Contrafacta (a spiritual parody of «Quarto Libro de’ Madrigali a cinque voci», Venezia, 1603, by Aquilino Coppini).

The programme: Toccata sesta and ottava from «Secondo libro di Toccate», Roma, 1628-37 of Frescobaldi and twelve Contrafacta of Monteverdi - Coppini.

Next concert: - 17 December, h. 9 p.m, for International Festival «Magie barocche» in Catania, at San Giuliano’s historical church.