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Fév 25, 2018

Hana Blažíková & Collegium Marianum

Hana Blažíková & Collegium Marianum - Pearls of the German and Bohemian Baroque
Sunday, the 25th of march, 15.00 

Artist in residence Hana Blažíková takes to the stage with the Czech Baroque Orchestra Collegium Marianum. They present 18th century Bohemian music by Jiránek and Zelenka. Other Baroque gems on the programme were penned by Johann Ernst, Prince of Weimar, and J.S. Bach. The latter reworked the original version of his cantata for bass, oboe, strings and basso continuo, BWV 82, for a higher, soprano range in 1731, consequently creating a dialogue between the singer and the higher traverso. Hana Blažíková brings the concert season to a masterly close.