REMARADIO.EU is a webradio dedicated to early music, festivals, live concerts and young ensembles.  The platform is evolving and will become in 2020 a video and audio podcast platform. Stay tuned to discover our new programmes!

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If you are a member of REMA, here is how you can participate and benefit from

  • Send us live recordings of your concerts, which can then be integrated into musical programmes.
    We suggest that you add the following clause to your contracts with artists, so that the recording can be used.
    Submit audio files of high quality and in mp3 format, 128k quality.
  • Ask our coordinator, Vlad Smishkewych, to call you for an interview; or
  • Send us an interview of yourself : someone inside or outside your organisation can interview and record you, or you can simply record yourself speaking. The programme can be about the history of your organisation, past and upcoming events, the way you work and manage the organisation, if you have any schemes to promote young artists, how you chose your programme, etc. Ask Adèle Fourcade for any guidelines and suggestions.
  • Participate in Early Music Day on 21 March and organise a live recording of your event.
  • Send us commercial recordings for which you own the rights, that can be included in the automatic playlist and elsewhere on

If you are a young ensemble, here is how you can participate :

  • Ask for a recommendation by one of the member organisations of REMA
  • send us mp3 live recordings of your concerts, for which you own the rights
  • contact Adèle Fourcade, our communication manager, to discuss the possibility of broadcasting an interview of members of your ensemble.

In any case, you can use the following material to promote on your website and printed programmes.

Adèle Fourcade, coordinator, can be contacted at

Suggestion of clause to be used in contract with artists.


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    An annual award for outstanding artists and projects that contributed significantly to the early music movement.

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    21 MARCH -

    8th Edition

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    This is a sample abstract about Rema Radio to be substituted with the correct one.

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    Showcase for young European artists which takes place every two years.

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    REMA publish regularly surveys. This can be surveys on key figures, on audiences...

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