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Oct 31, 2018

Charity concert of the Festival Baroque de Pontoise for Apaesic organization

1 December 2018

The luminous voice of soprano Rachel Redmond, joins the flute by Marine Sablonnière, the viola by Isabelle Saint-Yves and keyboards by Bertrand Cuiller for a unique evening built for a charity evening organized by the Baroque Festival of Pontoise, for the benefit of the Apaesic.

With four voices, these talented artists will stroll along crazy English roads thanks to Purcell or Locke's scores. Then they will invite you to enter the merry Christmas dance by evoking the repertoire of the Italian Corelli.

Program: Purcell, Locke, Corelli ...

The profits made during this concert will be entirely donated to the Apaesic (Association of parents and friends of children treated at the Institut Curie).

They will help to fund musical workshops at the Institut Curie throughout the year.

The Apaesic association works to meet the needs of children with cancer hospitalized at the Institut Curie and their families, to make their lives easier in the hospital and on a daily basis.

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