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Aug 02, 2018

Semana de Musica Antigua de Estella

Eleven concerts will be staged between September 1st and 9th 

The 49th Ancient Music Week of Estella (SMADE) will be held from 1-9 September 2018, proposing both a physical and interior journey through the search for beauty as the driving force. The SMADE will include eleven concerts in the Church of San Miguel and, for the first time, in the Basílica del Puy and the ‘Julián Romano’ School of Music. The event will also leave Estella for the Church of El Crucifijo in Puente la Reina, an idea first applied in 2017 in Roncesvalles to give the programme greater scope and coverage by incorporating a new venue every year. The choice of these localities is based on their links with the Camino de Santiago (Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago) and its importance as tangible and intangible heritage to create a cultural, heritage-based and artistic celebration.