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Latest events


10 September 2016 - 16 June 2017


Bruges, Belgium

Concertgebouw Brugge is an international music and performing arts centre with a focus on classical music and contemporary dance. Noteworthy festivals such as Bach Academy Bruges with Philippe Herreweghe and the Budapest Festival curated by Iván Fischer, the Concertgebouw is a leading partner of the MAfestival, OPERAXXI (musical theatre), MORE MUSIC (pop-rock-electronic) and JAZZ BRUGES. There are outstanding contemporary music festivals such as SURROUND! and SLOW(36h), while in 2018 a new festival will start devoted to the music of medieval Bruges. Besides presenting the art of the past, Concertgebouw Brugge is also helping to build tomorrow’s canon. The three musical residents of Concertgebouw Brugge are Anima Eterna Brugge, Nadar Ensemble and Vox Luminis.

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16 septembre - 27 août 2017


Sablé, France

"L’Entracte, scène conventionnée Musiques anciennes, musique d'aujourd'hui, a pour mission l'organisation d'une saison pluridisciplinaire, du Festival de musiques actuelles Rockissimo et du Festival de Sablé. "

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1-31 mars 2017


Marseille, France

""Le festival Mars en Baroque est dirigé par le claveciniste Jean-Marc Aymes depuis 2008. Ayant à cœur de partager l’émotion liée à l’esthétique baroque et de décloisonner son accès, Mars en Baroque propose une programmation exigeante mais accessible, ouverte à d’autres disciplines, comme le cinéma, l'art contemporain, le cirque, la danse, l'opéra, et la gastronomie ; autour du festival, sont mis en place des projets pédagogiques polymorphes et innovants. Proposer un festival de musiques anciennes au XXIème siècle consiste avant tout à recontextualiser ces dernières, les questionner, les confronter au monde d'aujourd'hui, au travers des moyens d'expression contemporains afin de renouveler l'approche de chacun en tant que spectateur. Mars en Baroque, principalement depuis 5 ans, a réussi à se développer et conquérir de nouveaux publics en ouvrant sa programmation et en diversifiant ses partenariats. Son ancrage à Marseille est une réalité forte et son sens de l'innovation est salué par ses pairs européens.""

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10 March 2017 - 2 December 2017


Saint-Donat, France

The festival has grown from 1962 around the renovation of the historic organ of collégiale. It is dedicated since its inception to the enhancement of the musical heritage of the eighteenth century. Vocal and instrumental baroque repertoire (especially organ music ) are interpreted on ancient instruments . From 2010 ,the festival produces also a musical season that continues along the year with four events, in spingtime, beginning of summer, autumn and christmass.

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12-31 mars 2017


Orléans, France

"Le festival de musique ancienne d'Orléans est devenu en 2016 l'Orléans Bach Festival. Sous la direction de Patrick Cohën-Akenine, le festival se veut ouvert, rassemblant les sensibilités artistiques autour de Johann Sebastian Bach. Depuis sa création, le festival a notamment invité Jordi Savall, Gustav Leonhardt, Les Folies françoises, Les Sacqueboutiers, Alla Francesca, etc. En 2017, le festival accueillera des artistes reconnus internationalement (Collegium Marianum, Trio SR9, Maarten Engeltjes, etc.), dans différents lieux emblématiques d’Orléans. Le Festival reçoit le soutien de la Ville d'Orléans, du Conseil départemental du Loiret et de la Région Centre-Val de Loire. "

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29/04-21/05 2017


Valenciennes, France

En 10 ans d'existence, le festival Embar(o)quement Immédiat dirigé par Yannick Lemaire (ensemble Harmonia Sacra), allie programmation de qualité axée sur les 17è et 18è siècles, convivialité et proximité avec le public. Très ancré dans le patrimoine - architectural, pictural, musical..., il bénéficie de l'expertise de deux musicologues, Céline Drèze et Fabien Guillou au Conseil d'Administration. Pour amener la musique baroque dans les lieux les plus divers, il s'est doté d'un "outil" innovant: L'Opérabus, véritable salle d'opéra ambulante en miniature, qui sillonne les routes de France et de Belgique, suscitant l'enthousiasme par le raffinement de son décor baroque.

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03-07 May 2017


Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Early Music runs a lively education programme for all ages, from young people to adults. Central to the calendar are two prestigious Summer Schools, one on Baroque music, the other on Renaissance music. Alongside our courses and workshops we also run a series of concerts throughout the year in which leading early music ensembles and soloists from across the UK and abroad perform in historic Cambridge venues. The highlight of our season is the annual Festival of the Voice.

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startHH tag.jpg 1746609568

26 may 2017 - 11 June 2017

Handel Festival Halle

Halle, Germany

In Halle an der Saale, you can hear Handel the whole year round, but a very special atmosphere overtakes the city during the Handel Festival in spring. This festival has taken place in Halle every year since 1952 in the venues that marked his early years, and each time, musical milestones are set by top ensembles and artists from all over the world.

In 2017, a fascinating and diverse festival programme awaits visitors once again. The Handel Festival will be officially opened at the Handel Monument on May 26, 2017, by tradition on Marktplatz. During the ensuing 17 festival days, an irresistible mixture of top-notch Baroque, Classical, jazz, electronic and world music by internationally renowned soloists, ensembles and choirs will be enthusing audiences with the theme of "Original – Counterfeit?". A total of ten ECHO Klassik award winners will be taking the stage, including Il Pomo d'Oro, the Pera Ensemble, Concerto Köln and Lautten Compagney Berlin, as well as the outstanding Vivica Genaux, Ann Hallenberg and Sonia Prina, each of whom will be giving their own gala concert. The celebrated countertenor Xavier Sabata and Spanish tenor Juan Sancho will also be enthralling audiences in gala concerts. Audiences will be able to enjoy magical puppet-theatre performances of Acis and Galatea, HWV49a, and Giustino, HWV 37, in the historic Goethe Theatre in Bad Lauchstädt. Anyone who remembers the wonderful puppet production of Rinaldo in 2011 will know that a very special theatre experience awaits visitors. Fans of historically informed performance practice can look forward to a special event in the Carl Maria von Weber Theatre in Bernburg: not only does Musica Florea perform using a historically informed approach; the choreography and costumes of the Hartig Ensemble are also based on historic models.

The 2017 Handel Festival will present five different oratorios in honour of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The climax of these is set to be the fully staged performance of Jephtha at the Halle Opera. The musical director of this new production is Christoph Spering; the stage director is Tatjana Gürbaca. Messiah, HWV 56, probably Handel's best-known oratorio, will be performed twice: the Dublin version of 1742 can be heard in Halle Cathedral and the London version of 1743 in the Marktkirche. Also awaiting visitors is a new production of Esther based on the Halle Handel Edition, Deborah, an interfaith project by the Abrahamic world religions, and concerts spanning various musical genres, such as the different Baroque Lounge, jazz and late-night concerts, as well as the open-air events on Domplatz and in Galgenberg Gorge.

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SEMF 2016 bild och logga trång stor copie

1 June 2017 - 6 June 2017


Stockholm, Sweden

SEMF is the largest international event for baroque, renaissance and medieval music in the Nordic countries. The festival has been held annually in the historical setting of Stockholm’s Old Town since 2002. The programme includes lunch, afternoon, and evening concerts, seminars and masterclasses.

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9-25 June 2017


Potsdam, Germany

Every year in June music and opera make Potsdam’s palaces and gardens come alive. Since 1992 the festival has been staged in Potsdam’s UNESCO world heritage – not only in Park Sanssouci but also in other authentic venues of Prussian history in and around Potsdam. Many novelties have been introduced: historical performance practice, baroque operas, open-air concerts in the park, a bicycle concert, art-historical guided tours or prom concerts. Connoisseurs find their way to a Gesamtkunstwerk comprising music, nature and architecture. All of Potsdam’s landscapes, its palaces, gardens, churches and lakes join in and celebrate the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci.

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