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October 2020
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Friday 30 October 2020

  • 30ottobre concerto
    Friday 30 October - 9:00 pm

    Chiesa di San Teonisto


    The last concert of Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi 2020 is dedicated to the Apografo Miscellaneo Marciano manuscript, a rare witness of XV century Venetian music, who’s kept in Marciana Library. The tales, the masks and the characters of Venetian popular culture are the leading role of a concert in which the music will be deeply connected with early dance.
    Anonima Frottolisti, music Tripudiantes Dovarensis, early dance

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  • 621ee1cee67b7f5dc5016ca5762406c5 L
    19-20 September 2020
    & 30 October - 1 November
    Festival de Musique Baroque du Jura



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  • Duni

    25 September to 12 November 2020 

    Matera, Italy
    Festival Duni - 21st edition

    The Festival will be opened on September 25 in the Dom of Matera by the first modern performance of the Neapolitan Oratorio Sant’Eustachio (patron saint of Matera) by Donato Ricchezza (Naples 1689) with Cappella Neapolitana conducted by Antonio Florio. You are all warmly welcome to the magic city of Matera!

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European Day of Early Music - 7th Edition

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