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Thursday 21 March 2019

  • logo mars en baroque

    26 février au 31 mars 2019 [FR - Marseille / Plusieurs lieux ]

    Mars en Baroque bat son plein à Marseille depuis le 26 février.
    Après le succès des Fêtes Vénitiennes de Campra au Théâtre de la Criée le 9 mars dernier, Concerto Soave reviendra dans la suite du Festival à ses premières amours : la musique italienne avec Pergolesi et Vivaldi.
    Venez voir ce qu’il se passe à Marseille !

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    © Tiberio Sorvillo

    21 March 2019 - 9pm  «Nova Ars Cantandi» and European Day of Early Music In the 21th of March 2019 [IT - Milano]

    Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia «Leonardo da Vinci», sala del Cenacolo,

    The Academy of Early Music of Milan (A.M.A.MI), opens its fifth concert season dedicated to La musica secondo Leonardo: «la figurazione delle cose invisibili» (Music according to Leonardo: “the representation of invisible world”).

    For the opening concert, the Collegium vocale et instrumentale «Nova Ars Cantandi» (Alessandro Carmignani, canto; Andrea Arrivabene, alto; Gianluca Ferrarini, tenore Marcello Vargetto, basso; Ivana Valotti, organo, Paolo Cherici, tiorba), directed by Giovanni Acciai, in order to celebrate an important event: three handred and fifty years of Michel Angelo Grancini's (Milan, 1605-1669) death (an important italian composer, organist and maestro di cappella at Milan Cathedral), presents the first world modern performing of Vesperae solemnes ecclesiae mediolanensis, from the printed collection Novelli fiori ecclesiastici concertati nell’Organo all’uso moderno (Milano, Giorgio Rolla, 1643).


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     21 March 2019 - 8.30pm [IT - Napoli]

    Gaetano Greco maestro dei “figlioli” del conservatorio dei Poveri di Gesù Cristo

    Chiesa di Santa Caterina da Siena, Via Santa Caterina da Siena n.38 – 80132 Napoli

    Project conceived by the musicologist Domenico Antonio D'Alessandro around the production about the Conservatorio dei Poveri di Gesù Cristo of which Gaetano Greco was one of the most committed and prolific teachers. It will be proposed listening to instrumental pieces by Rocco Greco and the litanies and a choice of musics of the Gaetano Greco’s Ordinarium missae, entrusting the execution to the children’s Coro di Voci Bianche di San Rocco and Le Voci del ‘48 directed by Salvatore Murru together with the vocal ensemble In-canto di Partenope directed by Davide Troìa. 

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    ©Markku Pihlaja

    21 March 2019 - 7 pm [SE - Stockholm]

    Piæ Cantiones - Renaissance Tunes around the Baltic Sea

    The German Church, Gamla Stan (Old Town), Svartmangatan 16, 111 29 Stockholm

    Celebrate the seventh European Early Music Day in Stockholm with SEMF on March 21st, 2019!

    On EDEM 2019, SEMF offers you a particular experience when the renown Finnish vocal ensemble Lumen Valo in co-action with kantele-player Hedi Viisma, presents 16th century vocal music from the region around the Baltic Sea. The programme includes works from Pieæ Cantiones, by Martin Luther and Michael Praetorius. Enyoy the concert in the beautiful acoustics of the German Church or listen to it through Sveriges Radio P2 (Swedish Radio), EBU or via live-streaming.

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    21 March 2019 - [UK - York]


    York will be celebrating this year’s European Day of Early Music with Shadows of Sarabandes, a special concert featuring the music of 17th century France. The concert which will be streamed live across Europe and recorded for broadcast by BBC Radio 3 features two of the brightest stars in the early music world Liam Byrne (viols) and Jonas Nordberg (lutes). Liam is one of the world’s leading viol players and his work focuses on the instrument's most obscure 16th and 17th century repertoire. His solo performances frequently combine old viol music with new works written especially for him. He is also working with the NCEM on the Young Composer’s Award which will be held in York in May 2019. Now in its twelfth year, this major national award gives young composers the chance to have their piece performed by Liam, one of the world’s leading early music specialists and the winning compositions will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The NCEM is delighted to welcome Jonas Nordberg, who will be appearing in York for the first time. Jonas is an exponent of a wide range of plucked instruments from the 16th to 19th centuries. A graduate of the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, he performs regularly with Liam Byrne, exploring the music of Marin Marais and other French composers, which is often mixed with contemporary music. 


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  • M4 Website

    21 mars 2019 - 19h30  [FR- Pontoise]

    Cathédrale Saint-Maclou, Pontoise

    Estro Armonico de Vivaldi

    Entrée libre


    Expérience déambulatoire sensorielle

    Pour célébrer la Journée européenne de la musique ancienne le 21 mars 2019, le festival accueille Christophe ROBERT et ses élèves du Conservatoire de Paris pour des extraits de l’Estro Armonico d’Antonio Vivaldi, son œuvre la plus connue après les Quatre Saisons, et dont Jean-Sébastien Bach tirera six transcriptions tant il en était admiratif.

    Ce concert invite à une déambulation sonore inédite. L'ensemble instrumental d'une dizaine d'artistes sera disposé en cercle au centre de l'église et les auditeurs pourront choisir de s'assoir ou de déambuler autour de l'orchestre afin de changer de point de vue auditif à leur guise. Ils pourront choisir de se placer en face des violons, puis d'aller vers les basses, se mettre en face du chef ou se placer derrière le clavecin pour profiter de la vision des doigts sur le clavier...


    Christophe Robert, violon et direction

    Et les élèves du Conservatoire de Paris

    Plus d'informations :  



    M5 Website
    20 to 24 March 2019

    Since 2016, le Centre de musique baroque de Versailles and the Prague Summer Festivities of Early Music have joined forces to offer research, training and artistic programming throughout the season in the Czech Republic. After a first orchestra academy at the Prague Conservatory, entrusted to Patrick Cohën-Akenine and dedicated to the 24 Violons du Roi (instrument, games and repertoire) in 2017, a second took place in 2018 at the Academy of Music of Prague (HAMU) for singers and harpsichordists gathered around French opera.

    In the spring of 2019, a new academy will be held in Prague, this time on chamber music from the Grand Siècle to the Enlightenment. Cantatas, tunes, sonatas and trios of Lambert, Clérambault, Couperin, Marais, Rebel, Leclair and Mondonville will be entrusted to nearly 35 students from all over the world and benefiting from the teaching of the best specialists of this repertoire.


    Chantal Santon-Jeffery, vocals
    Stéphanie Pfister, violin
    Jana Semerádová, flute
    Bruno Cocset, cello
    Béatrice Martin, harpsichord, basso continuo
    Deda Cristina Colonna, dance, gestures and scenic practices
    Benoît Dratwicki, stylistic and French language




  • 21 March 2019 [IT - Treviso]

    Musiche per il Bestiario di Leonardo Da Vinci // (Music for Leonardo's Bestiary)

    Chiesa di San Teonisto - Treviso



    The concert was born from an idea of Claudia Caffagni of approaching some animals described by Leonardo to madrigals or fourteenth-century cacce, crowded by a varied and rich catalog of animals that follow the same models that Leonardo seems to have drawn later. The Italian ars nova from its origins to its last exponents, from Magister Piero to Johannes Ciconiais in fact incredibly rich in musical repertoire in which fantastic animals , real, symbolic, allegorical, metaphors of human weaknesses as of human virtues. 

    tickets on www.almamusica433.it

European Day of Early Music - 7th Edition

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