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November 2018
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Sunday 11 November 2018

  • 1CRMF logo 2018

    1 October - 28 November 2018

    This years edition of Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival explores the Lute instrument family. Renown artists from all over Europe and Middle East perform rare repertoire from the Middle Ages to Early Baroque in 16 concerts - solos, duos, trios and one quartet, with and without singers. 

    Meet Nicolas Achten, Marc Lewon & Paul Kieffer, Nicolas Lartaun/Ricardo Leitão Pedro/Lukas Henning, Mouhabet Duo (Periklis Papapetropoulos/Cihan Turkoglu), Bilal Irshed, Negar Bouban, Bor Zuljan & Romain Bockler, Michele Carreca, Andreas Arend & June Telletxea, Enea Sorini & Pepe Frana, Marco Horvat, Fredrik Bock, Doyho Sol, Simone Sorini Syrenarum, Jonas Nordberg and Quartetto di Liuti da Milano.

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  • Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2018 key visual


    8 November to 11 November

    "Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2018” take place from November 8th through 11th in the city Herne located in Ruhr region. This year’s edition is focused in nine concerts on the theme “mortal sins” with music from the middle ages up to “péchés de vieillesse” by Rossini performed on fortepiano. WDR 3, the cultural radio of North-Rhine Westphalia, has again invited internationally recognized ensembles like La Cetra Barockorchester, Le Caravansérail, Vocalconsort Berlin, Polyharmonique, Mare Nostrum and others. Highlights will be the first performance in our times of “Amare de fingere” by Stradella and Vivaldis “L’Olimpiade”. All concerts are recorded by WDR 3 and will be offered to the EBU later.


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  •  PALANDRANA Pontebba DETT LQ 51

    11 November 2018, 9 pm - Intermezzi tra PALANDRANA E ZAMBERLUCCO [ITALY]

    Teatro ARRIGONI - San Vito al Tagliamento

    Opera Buffa ante litteram, the Intermezzo winds between disguises, misunderstandings, cheating and ingenuity between an old, but enterprising widow (for now three days!), And a "young da Bravo", braggart and ready to exploit the opportunities, but at the bottom bumbling and clumsy, which will succumb to the overwhelming end!

    The concert concludes the path of the MEDITERRANEAN CROSSOVER Festival, a journey through the musical cultures of the Mediterranean basin, from Central Europe to the Middle East, from the Tunisian Malouf to Andalusia, with a return to the European Baroque and a production of the LABORATORIO PER L'OPERA BAROCCA from the 2018 International Seminars, realized by BAROCCO EUROPEO in collaboration with ERT - Regional Theater Authority of Friuli Venezia Giulia   and the Municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento.  


    Mezzosoprano - Anastasia Cazzola

    Baritono - Pedro Bomba

    Conductor Donatella Busetto

    Direction - Marco Bellussi

    Dress - Carlos Tieppo


    Ticket biglietteria@ertfvg.it


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European Day of Early Music - 7th Edition

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