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Journée Européenne de la Musique Ancienne Under the patronage of UNESCO

REMA - Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne

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Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de’Turchini Italie

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The Centre of Music Antica Pietà de’Turchini is a non-profit association founded in 1997 to give form to the project of artistic valorization and inter-disciplinary research dedicated to the musical and theatrical Neapolitan patrimony of the XVI-XVIII century and its reflection on contemporary European musical production In 2010 the association transformed itself into a private foundation that proposes itself even more as an aggregation pole, of productive exchange between musicians, students, and researchers who continue to defend a positive image of Neapolitan culture worldwide. The foundation is presided by Marco Rossi and Mariafederica Castaldo, who is the general director, with Silvia Croce as honorary president. Since 2010 the Centre consists of two commitees ; the artistic and scientific musical programming and didatics and the research and editorial activities. It has started an intense training program for young muscians and singers that work along the guidance of prestigious musical directors from all over Europe. The commitee is formed by : Maria Majno, President of the European Mozart Ways, Susan Orlando and Paologiovanni Maione, expert musicologists of Vivaldi and the Neapolitan repertoire of the sixth and seventh century, Fiametta Greco president of the Nehaus foundation of Rome and Mariafederica Castaldo, Elena Sala di Felice (Cagliari University), Paolo Fabbri (University of Ferrara), Nicola de Blasi (University of Federico II Naples) and Francesco Cotticelli (University II Naples).

Production, high quality training and diffusion, research and editing are the ambitions to which the Foundation concentrate their greatest energy and resources, as well as for educational purposes developing projects for children and for students. The head office of the foundation is the Santa Caterina of Siena Church and Monastery, an architectual complex of the XVII century which the Foundation has recently restored. Faithfull to its mission the Foundation will incrementally strive to dedicate themselves in the research, recuperation and valorization of the Neapolitan musicians of the XVII/XVIII/XIX centuries, giving voice that they deserve in the important European musical chessboard of the sixteenth/seventeenth centuries. There is no doubt that the most original aspect that characterizes the Foundation is the capacity to congiugate execution and staging along with the research and scientific reflection, transforming the productions of the Centre in punctual occasions for further scientific research and international study conventions. In addition a double editorial series has been produced of partitures and plays with more than flattering success as the last book dedicated to the Neapolitan History of Music and performances of the seventeenth century, in which the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano contributed with a preface. Translated by the Barenreiter and offically presented at the Festival of the Pentecoste of Salzburg in 2010. The Foundation adheres to EMW (European Mozart Ways) ; the Da Ponte Network ; the Federculture ; and to Sistema Med (Sistema Muscia e Danza in Campania).

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Mne Castaldo Mariafederica
38 Via Santa Catarina da Siena
80132 Napoli

E-mail : info@turchini.it
Site Internet : http://www.turchini.it

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